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Every where you go there always seems to be a new article telling you that “Video is King.”  Facebook has publicly said they give an organic boost to any video shared by users.  If you upload the video directly onto Facebook you get and little bit more of an extra boost.  Do you do any of the paid advertising on Facebook?  Video is also important and the cost for video based advertisements is lower than non video advertising.

Then there is this thing called YouTube which is also the king of all things video.  Google’s search algorithms will also take into account any videos you have on YouTube when ranking your site.  That makes video content very valuable to your company and your brand.

Creating Video Content

Now that you have decided to create some video content, now what?  Do we need to go out and rent some high end video gear and lights? Do we need to hire a videoagrapher? The answer to those questions really depend on your goal and your brand but I would say most of the time the answer is “No”.  With just a handful of photographs, a few lines of text and a little music or voice over and you could easily create a 45-60 second video.  That is perfect for showcasing a product or a service on social media, your website or even for paid advertising campaigns.

The video above is just a sample of what can be done.  This was for a client who needed a short video to showcase a specific type of automotive service they provide – Upgrades for Classic cars.  Part of the design decision was to specifically use a B&W film look as well.  I spent a couple of hours at both the service shops photographing a few of the cars that were in the process of being worked on.  I took these images and processed them for the B&W film look.  Picked out a few and created the slide show.   I also created the video for the opening Logo.  Put both videos together to create the final 45 second video.

Services Offered

Next time your business needs a video and you don’t really need a full production call me, I offer:

  • All Photography Work
  • All Post Processing of the images
    • Photoshop
    • Extraction
    • compositing
  • Slideshow creation
    • Text Overlays
  • Music (royalty free stock or you provide)
  • Voice Over (professionally outsourced or you provide)
  • Logo reveals

Hourly and flat rates depending on the scope of the project.

Most importantly, 100% satisfaction guarantee of all our work.