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Recently Eric, owner of Stroh’s Automotive Services, decided he needed to take his businesses web presence to the next level.  We sat down and talked about his needs from a website to a Facebook page to a LinkedIn profile to a Yelp business page and even an Instagram account.  Eric did not have any online presence for his business so we were starting from scratch.  Right away we did two things: bought the domain name then we did a commercial photography shoot.

First we needed a good headshot.  Eric wanted to portray a very friendly business environment so he wanted his headshot to be casual in other words no suit and tie.  After reviewing all the images of his headshot he chose this one to best portray himself.

Commercial Photography Shoot

Eric, owner of Stroh’s Automotive Services

Once the headshot photos were completed we went into the shop to capture more images that will represent his business.

Commercial Photography Shoot

This image was taken specifically for extraction. Only Eric, the PC and the desk will be used.

A key piece to any commercial type shoot is the ability to extract the main focus of an image.  This image was taken with extraction in mind and I can’t wait to see it on the website when it is complete.

Commercial Photography Shoot

Some semi-posed images working under the vehicle

Commercial Photography Shoot

More semi-posed images working on a vehicle

Domestic vehicles are the specialty of Stroh’s Automotive Services, this image showing a GMC vehicle was meant to reinforce that specialty.

Commercial Photography Shoot

Eric wanted to have at least one picture with a smile

A friendly environment is an important message that Eric wanted to portray of his business.  Capturing him casually leaning on his toolbox with a big friendly smile was one way to send that message.

Commercial Photography Shoot

This one is one of my favorites with the sign in the background.

I am now working on the website design (I do a little web design every once in a while) and when it is completed I will be sure to write a new blog about how that process worked out for me and for Stroh’s Automotive Services.