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Club and team fundraisers are not fun.  When you are told you need to do a fundraiser for your club the first reaction is “Can I just write you a check?” Which is usually what you have to do when you buy all the raffle tickets, all the cookie dough, wrapping paper, (replace with the usual items) yourself rather than selling them to someone else.  How about something new and different?

Club Calendar Example

A Club Calendar would be very little work for the organization with great returns.

Each month would feature a different individual or team.  This can be decided in many ways:

  • Lottery where teams or individuals are randomly selected for each month
  • A Selection committee that maybe wants to highlight teams who had major accomplishments or individuals with major accomplishments
  • Auction off each month.  This is a great way to raise additional funds

How would it work?

Golazo Photography would be responsible for taking the photo’s and designing the calendar.  Golazo Photography would then provide the calendars to the organization at $xx.00 (cost will vary based on minimum order Qty).  The organization would set the sell price based on fundraising goals.

For Example: $xx.00 + $25.00 markup = $25.00 profit per calendar.  Sell 100 calendars and the organization will make $2500.00 in profit. All for very little work on the organizations part.

Interested? Contact me at