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Tides Varsity Soccer

2014 Tides Soccer vs South Kitsap


This week is the start of Spring Sports in Washington and that means Boys Soccer.  This is one of my favorite sports to shoot.  It helps that soccer is my passion but something about when the players put on those uniforms and represent their school brings out a different kind of passion in the game.  There has always been a lot of talk about comparing Club Sports vs School Sports.  In my experience you are comparing Apples and Oranges even if it is the same sport.

Club sports are pay to play and are typically played on a team that represents a local region it does not represent the community the way a school sport does.  At a club game your spectators are typically just your parents and maybe your siblings if they are too young to stay home alone.  At a school game you have your peers, your girlfriend\boyfriend, teachers, parents and other family members.  I have seen crowds of 300 – 400 spectators at a high school game versus maybe 30 at a club game.

This brings a completely different atmosphere to the game and from a photographers standpoint, more drama.  Above is one of my favorite images I have captured in recent years.  You can see the drama and that extra effort to win the ball by the Defender (player in white).  This game was also a lot of fun because this happened to be the only few minutes when the rain stopped.  For more images from this match follow these links: