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OK, I wasn’t actually paid for this shoot it was a volunteer team photographer gig.  The South Sound FC is a semi-pro soccer team playing in the newly formed Evergreen Premier League (EPLWA).  This is a volunteer run men’s open league that is recognized by USSF as a division 4 premier league.  It was the Home Opener for the SSFC team so there was a little pomp and circumstance pre-game followed by a lot of soccer. 

Pregame Coin Toss

Pregame Coin Toss

I have been shooting soccer for many years of all three of my boys.  I have some good photos and some poor photos over the years but I had never gone out to shoot a team that did not feature one of my kids.  Add to that a new camera (just upgraded to a Nikon D7100) and I was very nervous – what if the pictures did not turn out?  This was a big event for the newly formed league (every teams home opener was being treated like the Leagues Opening Game) and I wanted to make sure I captured the event as well as the game.

Once the whistle blew and the game started it felt like any other game I would shoot of my kids teams. I have now shot the team in two games and I hope to get out for at least 2 more games.

Love soccer? Like the idea of a local community based team? Go out and watch the South Sound FC team.