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Looking for 2016 Senior Reps

Located in Gig Harbor, WA Golazo Photography, serves all the surrounding area schools. Golazo Photography is interested in working with seniors at the local high schools. I will take a max of 2 students per school. To be eligible to be a Senior Rep for Golazo...

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Players who commit DOGSO Hero’s or Villain’s?

Note: I wrote this post the day after Gig Harbor played Olympia in the final League Match.  I did not get a chance to finish it off and post it but it seems appropriate that I push it out today.  Tonight at 7:00 PM at Roy Anderson Field is a rematch between these two...

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Why am I giving away my Photos?

I have been asked a lot lately "why are you giving away your photos?"  First off I am not giving away anything.  I am simply donating the profits from my sales on my website for all the Tides Soccer images back to the Tides Soccer program.  So why am I doing this you...

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