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Tides Soccer – 1 Week in to the Season

We are one week into one of my favorite times of the year, Spring Sports and specifically the Gig Harbor Tides Boys Soccer season.  High School Soccer is a different than club soccer.  There is something different about putting on the school uniform and representing...

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High School Spring Sports – Boys Soccer

  This week is the start of Spring Sports in Washington and that means Boys Soccer.  This is one of my favorite sports to shoot.  It helps that soccer is my passion but something about when the players put on those uniforms and represent their school brings out a...

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Violent Conduct in Soccer

Soccer is a sport that is played with lots of passion.  It is a game with no stoppages from the first whistle till the last whistle.  In a youth match that is typically 80-90 minutes long things happen as the match nears the final whistle.  Players are tired so they...

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Fundraiser Idea – Club Calendars

Club and team fundraisers are not fun.  When you are told you need to do a fundraiser for your club the first reaction is "Can I just write you a check?" Which is usually what you have to do when you buy all the raffle tickets, all the cookie dough, wrapping paper,...

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