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My "Wild" Furry Friends

Backyard Rabbits



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It started with just one rabbit

The Backyard Rabbits

A few years ago we noticed a single rabbit would appear in our backyard every couple of weeks.  We enjoyed the visitor that Spring and Summer.  The next year the single rabbit would show up more frequently.  The following year there was 1-2 rabbits daily.  

Can you see where I am going with this?

Today we have anywhere from 3-5 rabbits on a daily basis.  We have large Adult rabbits and usually 1-2 smaller young rabbits.  I even had a baby rabbit get stuck in our garage that I was able to capture and release to the backyard.

Needless to say we truly enjoy watching our “wild” furry friends hopping around the yard.

A Deadly Disease

My Mission

Earlier this year I learned about a deadly disease that is affecting both domesticated (pets) and wild rabbits, Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV). It is highly contagious and has been affecting Pet Rabbits for a few years.  Recently it has been found in the Wild in New Mexico and California. In as little as 2 months it has spread more than 1000 Miles by birds and insects who carry the disease. 

There are vaccines available in other countries but in the USA veterinarians must wait until there is a confirmed case before they can apply to import the vaccine. With the speed that this moves that is usually too late. 

I am going to do my part to help my “wild” furry friends by creating a 2021 calendar with pictures of the Rabbits from around my yard.  I will then donate a large portion to a non-profit who is researching or facilitating in the making of a vaccine for Rabbits.  If you know of a good organization please let me know and I will reach out.   

Get Involved

By ordering a 2021 calendar full of everyone’s favorite “wild” furry friends you help spread awareness of RHVD and a portion of the sales is donated to a non-profit that is helping to research a vaccine or educate about the disease.