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There are only a couple of soccer complexes in Washington with such an incredible view.  One is Northwest Soccer Park in Bellingham with the view of Mt. Baker and the other is the Washington Premier Complex (WPFC) with Mt. Rainier looming over it like a watchful guardian.

I went out to the WPFC fields the other night for my sons training and since it was within the last hour of sunlight right around that special Golden hour timeframe I took a series of pictures of the South fields (for us long timers the Boys Side) with Mt. Rainier in the background.  The first picture (above) is from a single shot (f9 1/400 70mm) with just a slight amount of post process to remove some of the haze in the sky.

The next picture (above) was created using HDR process where I combined 3 differently exposed images.

The last image (above) is the same as image #2 but I used 5 differently exposed images to create this HDR photo.

Notice in the HDR images the mountain really pops out and most of the hazy look is gone. The tradeoff is in the grass and trees as they take on a blurry/surreal look. When it comes to photo’s I like more of a natural image than something that has been significantly post processed so the 5 image HDR photo does not appeal to me very much.  The 3 image HDR looks a bit more natural so the tradeoff is a little more to my liking.  What are your thoughts? Which image suits your tastes? The single, the triple or the Quintuple?