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What does Website Design have to do with photography? More than you think.  Are you a small to medium sized business in need of a new website?  An update to a more modern Mobile Friendly website?  Websites need lots of images. Whether it is headshots of the executives or images of the products being offered or pictures displaying the service your company offers your company will need to hire a designer and a photographer.

Most design cycles for websites include hiring two separate companies to make a simple website.  You hire a photographer to capture a certain number of images in a certain aspect ratio.  At the same time you hire a web designer who layouts out the site expecting a specific number of images at a specific size and aspect ratio.  More often than not these do not match up so it costs you more money to pay either the photographer for a new set of images or pay the web designer to change the layout to accommodate the images delivered.

Golazo Photography can provide a one stop shop.  We will work closely with you to come up with a site design then plan a photo shoot to capture all the necessary images in the correct sizes and aspect ratios.  We will even make sure to have a number of extra images to allow you to give your site a fresh look every few months.

Previous designs include:

Ghhsathletics.com – Coming soon

Designs are based on industry standard Content Management System (CMS) platforms such as WordPress or Joomla.  This allows you the client to easily post blogs or update the content when you need it without paying a web designer.  Of course if you need help we can and will offer this service to your company. All designs are mobile friendly and great for SEO.

Call Golazo Photography today to discuss your website design needs.