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I have been asked a lot lately “why are you giving away your photos?”  First off I am not giving away anything.  I am simply donating the profits from my sales on my website for all the Tides Soccer images back to the Tides Soccer program.  So why am I doing this you ask again?

Both my wife and I are Tides Alumni (class of 87 for me and 8x for my wife).  I also played for the Tides way back in the day.  I was not very good and I only played JV but I once wore the Tides uniform.  I have 3 boys (’08, ’12 and ’17) who have played for the Tides.  When my youngest graduates they will have played a combined total of 12 years for the Tides. Needless to say we are a Tides family.

I have been shooting my kids playing soccer since I picked up a Nikon D50 back in 2006.  In recent years I started getting requests from other parents for photos of their kids.  Of course being the nice guy that I am I starting taking requests and giving away this photos.  After a few started getting prints made and really nice prints made from my photo’s I thought to myself that I am leaving money on the table.  So I setup a Smugmug website and started charging if anyone wanted prints or downloads of the photo’s I take.

Taken at a playoff game, one of the most popular photos I sold.

Taken at a playoff game, one of the most popular photos I sold.

Last year (2014 Boys Spring season) was my first year charging for prints.  I started with the Tides parents and told them I would give back 100% of my profits.  At the end of the season I wrote a check to the Gig Harbor Sports Booster for $350.  All from the photos sold online.

This is year two of the project and I hope to raise the bar on the donations and I have set a goal of $400 by the end of the season.  Interested in supporting a good program?  Here is a link to the 2015 Boys Season http://www.golazophotography.com/GHHS-20142015-Season/Boys-Tides-Spring-2015